?This everyday habit damages your DNA!

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Smoking has received some of the worst press in history regarding the dangers and risks it imposes on people’s health, and rightly so.  But another ‘habit’ is equally bad. EVERYONE does it – EVERY DAY!  In fact, you are probably doing it right now!  The habit is SITTING!  Check out the statistics below regarding risks of sitting: 50% increase risk … Read More

? This everyday chemical turns boys into girls!

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When one hears the word ‘chemical’ or ‘toxin’, poison control or instant death comes to mind.  The effects of chemical stress over time, however, is the real danger you are up against. We are all being exposed repeatedly to various chemicals, and, over time, many of us are reaching our threshold.  I’m sure you were wondering about that subject line of … Read More

? There is no escape

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 I wanted to give you something valuable on a topic that affects EVERYONE.  This is something that no one can escape. And that’s the ‘S’ word.  Maybe not the one that people think of first when they hear that term, but I am talking about STRESS!  Stress is an overwhelming issue in people because it affects their personal health so detrimentally, … Read More

?Let’s Eat!

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Today I wanted to make sure you got a ‘taste’ of some of the education we deliver in ‘the GO! program!’ so you were more comfortable bringing us in to speak.  Since EVERYBODY eats, I thought I would send you something you could use not only for yourself, but also forward on to your organization on the topic of nutrition. … Read More

The Business of being healthy.

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Every business is in the business of being healthy.   Whether it is a large corporation or a small business, the health of the employees has a direct impact on the health of the business.  Sickness and illness not only costs the business directly with insurance premiums, but also with loss of productivity and sick days.  The best way to save … Read More

Business Cost Due to Chronic Health Conditions

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Business owners are now seeing the effects of employee health on their productivity and bottom line. Chronic health conditions have the most impact on business because there is very little emphasis put on getting to the cause of the problem. Most health professionals view successful treatment of these chronic health conditions as relieving symptoms. Unfortunately, symptom relief leads to further … Read More